Genesis OmniVue
Omni-Vue is a DICOM viewing software that enables health professionals to do primary diagnostic interpretations by supporting Windows-based computer workstations and high-resolution color and grayscale monitors. Omni-Vue provides a non-linear lookup table to maximize image quality for CR & DR images and features image processing tools and HIPAA-compliant database management options. Users can directly access the Omni-Web PACS (server) as a client using direct access of ODBC and retrieve the image data within seconds.

Omni-Vue is DICOM compatible with DICOM Storage, Query & Retrieve and Print functionality for easy networking with third-party PACS and other imaging modalities.



W/L, Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Magnify
ROI, Measure, Angle & Compare
CR & DR Image Stitching
Image Processing, LUT & W/L Preset

Key Features

  • DICOM Storage, Query & Retrieve, Print, and DICOM DIR
  • Supports one or two display monitors (Worklist, View) from 1MP to 5MP
  • Creates single patient CD in 4 custom formats with auto-run viewer
  • Creates multiple patient archival DVD with DICOM directory and reports
  • Image processing and editing capabilities: ROI, annotation and measurement
  • Image stitching of CR and DR images
  • Email images in 4 custom formats
  • Supports twain driver
  • Ability to create local databases and conference folders
  • Direct database access of Omni-Web PACS as a client workstation
  • Display and convert DICOM versus non-DICOM images (JPEG, TIFF, PCT, BMP)
  • Series thumbnail display
  • Pre-defined Windows preset
  • Customize DICOM information overlay
  • Scout view for MR and CT images
  • Non-linear lookup table for image quality enhancement
  • Supports variable DICOM images including DICOM JPEG 2000