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Whether you are looking to convert to digital or purchase a new room we can assist you. Advanced Medical X-Ray provides complete solutions and stay by you every step of the way at an affordable price. We provide sales, service, and training on any new system we install. We can convert your existing X-ray machine to digital or install a complete system entirely. We offer software customized specifically for you.

We strive to make our customers happy and provide them with the best service possible. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are here to work with you to provide the best solutions for your X-ray needs.

We offer a large range of equipment and options. Below is an example X-ray room we offer based on CoRE Labs and Visaris Equipment:

Visaris Avanse DR

Visaris Avanse DR

Through a highly integrated digital acquisition console Avanse DR provides exceptional imaging ergonomy, diagnostic flexibility and reliability. Available in configurations with fixed, portable wired or portable wireless flat panel detectors and with a range of advanced imaging functions Avanse DR is an ideal solution for digital upgrade of your diagnostic radiography capability.

Avanse DR is a state-of-the-art digital imaging system with latest generation flat panel detectors for digital upgrade of radiography devices. It seamlessly transforms your existing film device into a digital radiography system with all advantages of digital imaging including higher image quality, lower dosages, shorter examination times and lower operating costs.

  • improve image quality and diagnostic reliability
  • reduce operating costs, exam times and dosages
  • simplify and make your workflow more efficient
  • turn your existing system into DR affordably

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CPI CMP 200 – X-ray Generator

CPI CMP200 x-ray generator

CPI’s CMP200™DR is a 100 kHz high frequency X-ray generator. The CMP200™DR is a low cost solution for integrating with your film-based systems or with DR flat panel detectors along with an imaging system for diagnostic radiographic imaging. It is a non-invasive device, and is designed to image the major systems of the body: skull, shoulder, thorax, upper arm, lower arm, abdomen, pelvis, femur, knee, tibula-fibula, foot.

The generator features state-of-the-art computer-based control to ensure minimum patient dose, excellent reproducibility, and superior image contrast. The operator control functions are designed to be simple and user-friendly.

Triton – Floor Mount Tube Stand

CoRE Labs Triton tube stand
CoRE Labs Triton
  • tritonRAD Floor Mount Tube StandThe triton’s user interface displays real time table / Bucky SID.
  • When rotated left or right, the backlit LCD display changes from SID inches, to tube angulation, in one-degree increments.
  • Once the tube angle achieves ninety-degrees, it displays real time SID distance to a wall stand.
  • This user interface allows quick SID positioning and thus rapid patient throughput. tritonRAD
  • Seamless Vertical Column
  • Hardened, Serviceable Bearing Races
  • Positive Vertical Lock – for position retention during power outages
  • Full Digital SID tracking – Vertical, Longitudinal & Rotation Angle
  • Twin Multi-Strand Rust-Free Stainless Steel Cables
  • Ball Bearing Construction Throughout
  • Powder-Coated Surfaces, Bright Nickel Hardware – Rust Free

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 CoRE Labs atlasRAD XL

  • The atlas elevating tables are designed as “stand alone” systems, consisting of plug-in cables and a single board interface compatible with all standard x-ray equipment.   The atlas tables are also plug-and-play compatible with all CoRE labs tube stands, tube cranes and wall stands.
  • The tabletop electromagnetic locks are released by applying pressure to foot pedals at the table’s base.
  • The table height is adjustable to accommodate ambulatory, wheel chair, or gurney patients – Easier transfer is accomplished for both patient and operator.
  • With the atlas elevating tables, the operator can easily and quietly elevate and accurately position patient weighing up to 650 pounds (or 765 lbs with the atlas XL).
  • Virtually silent motorized vertical movement is controlled by applying pressure to the foot pedals or optional hand controls.
CoRE Labs atlasRAD table
Core Labs atlasRAD XL
CoRE Labs Flora wall stand
Core Labs Flora

Flora – Wall Bucky Stand

  • Hospital Grade Wall Stands
  • Extremely Rigid Durable Designs
  • Exclusive Seamless Columns
  • Accepts Buckies, Grids & Ion Chambers
  • Left- Hand Or Right Hand Load
  • Positive Electronic Brakes – for position retention during power outage
  • Fine Tunable Fully Counter-Balanced Carriages
  • Ball Bearing Construction
  • Durable Powder Coat Finishes
  • Aircraft Aluminum & Steel Construction