X-ray grids

X-ray Grids

RC Imaging Grids

X-Ray Grids

  • Superior construction of lead strips and aluminum or carbon interspaces, with smooth, enameled covers, sealed against dirt and moisture.
  • X-ray grids provide quality image enhancement making them the primary choice of hospitals, doctor’s offices, chiropractors, and veterinarians. Superior X-ray grids at unbelievable prices!
  • X-ray Grids may also be special ordered with carbon fiber composite covers. Please call for pricing and availability on carbon fiber composite grids.
  • We offers all sizes of X-ray Grids in the following Line Counts 103 LPI, 150 LPI, 178 LPI , 200LPI, 215LPI & 230 LPI. We offer all configurations including CR, DR, Circular, Decubitus and Mammography.

    RC Imaging Grid Encasements
  • For added protection of your valuable  X-ray grids and convenience of handling and operation, X-ray grids can be installed in various forms of grid encasements.

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