Clear Ray 1500 Veterinary X-ray System

Presenting the most customizable, feature-rich veterinary x-ray system currently available on the market…

Made Locally, Supported Locally

Medicatech’s competitors’ products are built-and supported overseas. That can result in unnecessarily long waits for parts and service.

With the Clear Rays’ All American design, construction and support, we are always local when you need us!

It’s About Saving Time

Every aspect of the new Clear Ray Veterinary System was designed by veterinarians with over 25 years of experience.

The easy-to-use Clear Ray System takes advantage of new technology to help make doing your job easier, faster and better overall.


High-End Materials

Manufactured from high-quality anodized alumunium, the Clear Ray’s sturdy column can be adjusted to fit low ceilings

Optional Integrated 12″ LCD Touchscreen DR System

Fully integrated tablet with availble software to operate and manage all your digital imaging needs


Our unique omni-directional table design is the most versatile floating table currently on the market, with the greatest lateral range.


Rubber-cushioned feed reduce noise and minimize vibration, providing better operational quality.


By reducing waste present in competitors’ designs, Medicatech achieved the lightest over-all design, reducing shipping costs and keeping your budget in mind.


Solid anchor points hold the entire system firmly in place to ensure smoother operation.


Foot controlled, one-touch function for easier animal management and image capture.


The Clear Ray Veterinary System is unique in the market for it’s unprecedented customizability, making it highly adaptable to any veterinary environment. These are same of the custom options available with this groundbreaking new system:
  • 12″ LCD touchscreen mounted to retractable column or stand
  • First-to-market with a motorized adjustable-height tube stand
  • 180° motorized tilting tube stand (optional)
  • Customizable table Width & Length dimensions
  • Certified and non-certified LED/LASER collimator
  • Fiber Resin Table Top