Midmark and Ritter Exam Table and Chair Maintenance and Support

midmark 117
Midmark 117

We provide service for podiatry tables. We service all makes and models and can often locate and provide parts for discontinued models.

Electrical Issues

We can locate and repair electrical issues. Often times as a switch or relay begins to go various functions will work intermittently. On occasion it may also be due to a flex break in a wire from repeated movement back and forth. We can trace the electrical path and find which component is malfunctioning and replace it.


As your chair gets older it may develop leaks. You may notice a small amount of oil/fluid around the chair which is an indication it is leaking.  Generally a slow leak is caused by a faulty cylinder and a fast leak is often times a burst hydraulic hose. Generally it is best to fix leaks sooner then later. If the oil level gets too low the chair will no longer move.

After Market Support

Model numbers 119, 319, 111, 317,117 and Ritter 75 Evolution are no longer supported by the factory. The manufacturer no longer supplies parts for them. We can usually locate after market parts or new old stock.