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Control-X – ZooMax

zoomax table
ZooMax White

Variable SID Integrated Vet System

The hospital grade quality of the ZooMax White Veterinary X-ray system features a four-way floating tabletop and an integrated tubestand. An automatic coupling device ensures centralized and synchronized movement between the X-ray tube and film cassette. This automatic coupling device can be released by moving the tubestand all the way to the end of the table and then by moving the grid cabinet towards the center of the table. Now oblique examinations can be performed if needed by angulating the X-ray tube. All generator controls are located on the tube head, allowing all X-ray parameters as well as positioning of the patient to be controlled and performed tableside.

ZooMax Operators Console

32-50 kW / Three-phase or Stored Energy Generator with Tube Side Controls

CE certified, powerful and feature-rich generators that are easy to use with basic knowledge of radiology thanks to the preprogrammed APRs / examination groups with 10 patient thickness values each. Just select one of the 10 APR settings, adjust the thickness and the generator automatically corrects the exposure parameters. The generator can be installed in the table in order to save space. Customize the examination names and parameters and make backups using our PC software.

Integrated Stand with Vertical and Rotational Tube Movement

The VTS-02 is a counterbalanced tube stand mounted to the veterinary patient table for compact installation. It equipped with a tube arm allowing SID and oblique eqposures.

zoomax clinic
ZooMax at a small animal practice

Veterinary Patient Table with 152 cm Table Top

The tabletop release switch controlled by a convenient foot pedal guarantees “hands free” operation and placement of patient before and during the examination. Tabletop side rails provide durable anchors for restraining, which ensure the proper positioning and subduing of the patient during the procedure. Optional table extension offers an additional 30 cm working area when larger animals are examined. The x-ray tube freely rotates ±90º around the horizontal axis, allowing exposures from various angles.

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