GE Lunar Bone Density Service

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is important to ensure your equipment runs reliably. It will reduce unplanned downtime and the need for service calls. This is also a great time to resolve minor issues that may be annoying your x-ray techs.


We service most GE lunar bone density units. This includes: DPX, DPX-NT, DPX-IQ, and Prodigy. We provide prompt service and give our customers our cell phone numbers so we can be reached at anytime if there is an issue.

Networking, DICOM, and Software Configuration

We provide full IT support for GE Lunar BD systems. We can setup and configure the system to interface with your PACS. Create new databases and repair damaged ones or recover images from a backup. We also install/repair software and setup backup plans and solutions. We can replace your aging monitor or printer.

Equipment Moving and Relocation

We have experience moving/removing/installing GE lunar Bone Density units. We can safely disassembly the unit to fit it through doorways or small hallways and reassemble it properly. The unit could be damaged if not moved correctly.