MasterDent Veterinary Dental DR

MasterDentis a CMOS area image sensor developed for High-Quality Xray imaging. This Image sensor has 2.1 megapixels (1300 x 1700) with a pixel size of 20 x 20 μm and a monitoring photodiode for monitoring and detecting X-ray radiation. FOP (fiber optic plate) used as the Input window ensures high Image quality and long sensor life. This product is dust and waterproof.

MasterDent is designed and manufactured to provide the Best Image Quality and Long Useful Life.

Main Features

  • Pixel Size: 20 x 20 μm
  • 1300 (H) x 1700 (V) Pixel Format
  • High Resolution (12 LP/mm)
  • Dynamic Range: 57dB
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Equipped with Dose Meter
  • Dust & Water Proof, equivalent of IP67
  • Three Sensors can be simultaneously connected to one PC


Monitoring Photodiode

MasterDent is equipped with a Monitoring Photodiode along the entire circumference of its effective pixel area. When taking X-ray images,
the Monitoring Photodiode will compare the dose rate to a pre-set threshold. If the dose is higher than this threshold value, the image comes out automatically. The threshold value can be manually selected. This technique guarantees the high quality of the images received.

Detection/Integration Modes

MasterDent provides the maximum flexibility in selecting the detection of X-ray and exposure time. You can choose between detecting the X-ray dose through the Monitoring Diode (Automatic Detection), or to disable this function and manually select detection Xray level (Manual Detection), depending on the type of images you want to get. The exposure time can also be set automatically (Automatic Integration) or manually (Manual Integration).

MasterDent allows for three different Detection/Integration Modes

  • Automatic Detection / Automatic Integration Mode
  • Automatic Detection / Manual Integration Mode
  • Manual Detection / Manual Integration Mode

Dimensions & Weight

Sensor Dimensions are 41.9 x 30.4 mm, with a thickness of 5.6 mm. Sensor’s cable length is 2000 mm.MasterDent weighs approximately 60 gm



MasterDent comes with VOYANCE software. This new software that has both Dental and Veterinary Applications, is designed with all Veterinarians needs in mind. VOYANCE provides the ultimate experience, ease of use, together with all the features you ever wanted in your software.

VOYANCE Acquisition Software Main Features

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Exam-specific algorithms image processing
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Edit existing patient information/search patient by patient name, patient ID, Accession number, barcode, etc.
  • True size for printing
  • Send/Print queue management
  • User-friendly touch GUI
  • Various operation modes: veterinary, vehicle, equine, dental
  • Customized functions and various themes
  • Complete with VOYANCE PACS for accessing your images from anywhere