Digital Radiography

Varex Nexus DR

The Varex Imaging Nexus DR™ software is an advanced digital image acquisition system designed to automate patient workflow. It is a cost-effective, trouble-free solution with advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality and excellent reliability. As an FDA cleared solution, the Nexus DR can also help save time by bringing your product to market quicker.

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JPI ExamVue DR

ExamVue is JPI Healthcare designed software for the acquisition, processing and viewing of Digitally acquired images. ExamVue comes complete with functions most competitors charge extra for as “options”, including DICOM Modality Worklist and Image Stitching. ExamVue DR is a software for the acquisition, processing, storage and viewing of digital x-ray images. ExamVue DR is indicated

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DynaVue – Veterinary 2 in 1

DynaVue is the brand new 2-in-1 Digital Radiography (DR) and Fluoroscopy solution for veterinary interventional radiology examination. This new system from JPI makes available advanced technology typically associated with the best and busiest imaging centers to veterinary practices around the world in a space-saving total imaging solution. Some advantages of DynaVue include: Unique, large 36

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Visaris Avanse DR

  Through a highly integrated digital acquisition console Avanse DR provides exceptional imaging ergonomy, diagnostic flexibility and reliability. Available in configurations with fixed, portable wired or portable wireless flat panel detectors and with a range of advanced imaging functions Avanse DR is an ideal solution for digital upgrade of your diagnostic radiography capability. Avanse DR

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Konica CS7 Workstation

Konica CS7

CS-7 Its sophisticated function will enrich your daily workflow of examination. CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to Regius CR readers. CS-7 supports Windows 10 and is a great upgrade to get to maintain HIPAA compliance. The upgrade includes a workstation, touchscreen monitor, mouse and keyboard. Integrated Control Station CS-7 CS-7 has multiple functions

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FDX Console Workstation

Fuji FDX Console

New features include: Dynamic Visualization™ is Fujifilm’s latest image processing technology, providing outstanding first-up detail and virtually eliminating the need for post-processing. Complete common workflow steps in as few as 2-3 mouse clicks Worklist views with status icons and thumbnail images Double click full-screen zoom PICC line/edge enhancement toggle Dose tracking and management tools Supports

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CPI Radvision

CPI Radvision

CPI RAD VISION TM software technology is full featured offering all the essential elements in an acquisition console for today’s integrated health market. System Performance Whatever the clinical scenario: RIS – non RIS; PACS – non PACS; Printing we have a solution for your unique set-up. There are no workflow disruptions from acquisition to archive.

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Rayence 1417PGA DR panel

Rayence 1417WGC

The 1417WGC/WCC detectors are ideal for in-room and portable applications by providing increased workflow effficiency in the X-ray room and beyond. Its durable carbon-fiber, seamless unibody construction combined with a shock, vibration and scratch resistant composition makes it well-suited for the most demanding imaging environments. An Access Point (AP) enables images to be directly sent

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