AMX Ramsoft PACS

We have experience in the x-ray field for over 30 years. We have converted many customers smoothly over to digital with minimum downtime. We do the best to take care of our customers and make sure they are fully satisfied.

A little about Ramsoft

We have tested many different PACS systems over the years and we feel Ramsoft is the best available. Ramsoft is a great fit for almost any customer. It is a fully featured PACS system that we have found to be very reliable. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. Most actions can be completed in only a couple clicks. Some of the key features  are:

  • Status based workflow with custom user worklists and automatic study transitions
  • Web based PACS with unlimited user and client licenses
  • Feature rich image viewer with diagnostic tools and custom hanging protocols
  • Automatic prior matching and comparison views
  • Custom word report templates

For more information visit our Ramsoft page.

Datacenter Benefits

There are a multitude of benefits gained by hosting your PACS in a datacenter with us. Many of them would be cost prohibitive if not impossible to obtain by self-hosting. A brief list of datacenter benefits are as follows:

Three power supplies for redundancy Multiple network connections for redundancy
UPS (250kVA per UPS device) 250mbs internet connection
Backup generators for extended outages 24/7 IT Staff
Redundant server with Hyper-V Onsite security with badge access required
Raid 1 Real time monitoring
Hardware Firewall Offsite Backup

Service Benefits

Upfront costs are almost eliminated by going with us. It removes the need for server hardware, additional network infrastructure, and the labor to install and configure it. It also saves the purchase of a software license for both the operating system and the PACS software. The only upfront cost is a small setup fee to cover the configuration of the PACS and import prior images which would be charged regardless of it being self-hosted or hosted with us.

Long term costs are often reduced by going with our solution. It also simplifies who you call for support. You no longer are required to decide if it is an IT issue, an ISP issue, an electrical issue or a PACS issue. Regardless you can call us and its covered. All hardware and software upgrades and support are included with your subscription. The following is a breakdown should the various fees saved by going with our hosted solution.

AMX Ramsoft PACS Self-Hosted
OS Upgrades Included Updated OS license may cost $800 or more per server plus labor
Software Upgrades Included Available for additional cost
Hardware Upgrades Included Often costs $2,000-4,000 per server to upgrade
Software Support Included Available for a yearly fee
Server Hardware Support Included Available for additional cost
Server Network Support Included Available for additional cost

Please contact us for more information or for a quote.