Visaris Vision X

Vision X is a high-throughput, manually positioned entry level DR system for general radiography and all types of walking or hospitalized patient examinations. The robust, yet simple construction of the stand with a mobile patient table, provides easy access to operator and patient alike. Vision X is intended for the use in general diagnostic radiography […]

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Visaris Vision U

Vision U is a latest generation, universal digital radiography (DR) system for a wide range of general and specialist diagnostic imaging applications. Programmable auto-positioning of the X-ray tube and large (43×43 cm) digital flat panel detector enables efficient and flexible imaging of all anatomies of both walking and immobile patients. Direct digital acquisition with optimally

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Visaris Vision C

Vision C is a universal digital radiography system with fully modular stand design configurable to all diagnostic radiography needs. Available in fully motorized auto-positioning configuration with manual override capable of practically all radiographic techniques or in more affordable manual configurations Vision C can be tailored to your specific needs. Automated system positioning, exam set-up, acquisition

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Visaris Vision Air

Vision Air is a state-of-the-art, universal, overhead digital radiography system capable of virtually all radiography examinations with a single, high quality, flat panel detector system. Based on a fully programmable, automated robotic system with intelligent positioning control the system will seamlessly transforms from the functionality of a vertical X-ray bucky stand to a table system.

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Visaris Avanse DR

  Through a highly integrated digital acquisition console Avanse DR provides exceptional imaging ergonomy, diagnostic flexibility and reliability. Available in configurations with fixed, portable wired or portable wireless flat panel detectors and with a range of advanced imaging functions Avanse DR is an ideal solution for digital upgrade of your diagnostic radiography capability. Avanse DR

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