Fuji 14x50 Cassette

Fuji Long View Cassettes

Image taking of a wide area can be done with ease

Fuji 14x50 CassetteFujifilm’s 10″ x 24″, 14″ x 34″, and 14″ x 50″ long view cassettes allow the Imaging Plates (IP) to be loaded and processed on the FCR reader, without manually removing them from the cassette. The lightweight and simplified design makes it easy for radiologists to perform specialized applications without interruption.

The IP need not be transposed to another cassette. All cassettes use a patented design featuring latches at either end of the cassette to promote ease of workflow. The IPs inside the cassettes overlap by 1″ to ensure that no pathology is lost. The cassettes include markers which allow Fujifilm’s stitching software to automatically compose images. Grids, wall stands, and IPs are available separately from the cassette.

  • A 10″ x 24″ cassette consists of two interlocked 10″ x 12″ cassettes and requires two 10″ x 12″ IPs for use. ldeal for smaller patients.
  • A 14″ x 34″ cassette consists of two interlocked 14″ x 17″ cassettes and requires two 14″ x 17″ IPs for use. Excellent for most scoliosis applications.
  • A 14″ x 50″ cassette consists of a special 14″ x 17″ cassette and a 14″ x 34″ cassette. The 14″ x 17″ cassette can be attached to the 14″ x 34″ cassette using a simple latch on either side for easy removal for processing. Three 14″ x 17″ IPs are required for this cassette. Ideal for long leg studies or other applications where a wider view is required.

Instantaneous stitching of multiple IPs

Fujifilm’s Automatic Image Stitching Software enables the displaying of the entire spine or lower extremities on a single image.

  • Displays up to three individual images.
  • Automatically merges images together by aligning markers on the image. Can be manually adjusted.
  • The image is processed and an optimized image is displayed.

Auto-density correction of low density portions of the IP stitched Fuji Image Stitchboundaries to obtain a smooth image.

Issues often associated with image stitching software include difficulties in image alignment and variations in density of the composed image. Fujifilm’s comprehensive, advanced image composition processing eliminates manual alignment and compensates for differences in density in the image. Fujifilm’s Image Stitching Software enables faster exam processing, higher diagnostic confidence, and quicker image interpretation.