Windows HIPPA Compliance

We recommend making sure all your software is up to date and supported to comply with HIPAA regulations. By running outdated software you run the risk of violating C.F.R. § 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(B)) which states Implement security measures sufficient to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to a reasonable and appropriate level to comply with §164.306(a).

Recently Anchorage Community Mental Health Services was fined $150,000 due to malware compromising its security as a direct result of running outdated and unsupported software. The HIPAA bulletin released by HHS regarding this incident can be found at: BULLETIN: HIPAA Settlement Underscores the Vulnerability of Unpatched and Unsupported Software

As of April 8th, 2014 Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP. Support for Office 2003 has also ended. Support for Server 2003 will end July 14th, 2015. All previous versions of Windows and Office are also no longer supported by Microsoft.

We offer many options for upgrading your equipment to be HIPAA compliant. You may keep your existing CR reader or DR panel and replace the workstation. We can upgrade your PACS or transfer your images to a new PACS. Please contact us to see what your options are.