Fuji Drypix 5000

Fuji Drypix Maintenance and Support

Fuji Drypix 7000
Fuji Drypix 7000

We provide service, parts, and accessories for Fuji’s line of dry laser imagers. Regardless of your issue we are here to help. We can clear film jams, correct image artifact issues, and adjust configuration settings as needed.

Annual preventive maintenance should be performed on Fuji Drypix dry laser imagers. Doing so will reduce downtime, ensure optimum image quality and prevent abnormal wear on various parts. We inspect the error log for any issues. Print QC images to verify proper film density, resolution, and layout. Clean filters and check cooling fan operation. Check various interlocks ensure the operator is safe from the laser during operation and to also ensure film is not exposed to light. Clean the conveyance rollers, cleaning roller, suction cups, SUS belt, density measurement sections, and heat development unit. Lubricate parts as need. Check for proper grounding and DC voltage. Correct date/time setting.

In addition to preventive maintenance we can perform annual QC for mammography. The inspection is comprised of four majors parts: Inspect mechanical operation (Jamming, Abnormal Sounds), Check for artifacts (banding, scratches, fog, etc), Verify geometry (length and width and location of image on film), Image recording resolution checks (Verify image is being output in fine resolution, check 50 micron resolution pattern)