Clear Ray 2000 Veterinary X-ray System

An Elevating Vet Table system with 32KW Generator and 140 KHU X-ray tube. This system provides the greatest flexibility for all you veterinary x-ray needs.
Clear Ray 2000 with DR touch control option.

Made Locally, Supported Locally

Medicatech’s competitors’ products are built-and supported overseas. That can result in unnecessarily long waits for parts and service.

With the Clear Rays’ All American design, construction and support, we are always local when you need us!

It’s About Saving Time

Every aspect of the new Clear Ray Veterinary System was designed by veterinarians with over 25 years of experience.

The easy-to-use Clear Ray System takes advantage of new technology to help make doing your job easier, faster and better overall.


  • Elevating Table Top with Sleek, One Column Design
  • Table Top 31 inches deep by 60 inches wide
  • 4 way float table top, with floating range of +/- 11 inches longitudinal and +/- 3 inches transversal
  • Electromagnetic Braking System
  • Fixed DR Detector Holder
  • Maximum Allowable Lifting Weight: 600 lb.
  •  Manual Rotating Tube Mechanism, locks in place at 45 degrees increments.

CPI Generator

  • 32 KW, Single Phase Generator
  • 40 – 125 KV Range
  • 10 – 400 mA Range
  • 0.1 – 100 mAs Range
  • Exposure Time Range 1 ms – 6.4 s
  • Technique Selection: kV/AEC, kV/mAs, kV/ma/ms

Toshiba X-ray Tube

  • Nominal Radiographic Tube Voltage: 40 – 150 kV
  • Nominal Focal Spot: Large 2 mm, Small 1 mm
  • Anode Target Angle: 12 degrees
  • Anode Heat Content: 140 kHU
  • Manual Vet LED/LASER Collimare Collimator
  • Foot Switch for Exposure
  • 20’ High Voltage cable pair with federal terminals on both ends