EXPEED Long-length DR Imaging System

Single-shot Long Bone Imaging with EXPEED LLD Systems

High-Resolution & Ultra-Low Noise Images at Low Dose

As EXPEED LLD captures an entire long-length image, it provides the largest field of view and highest resolution to deliver high-quality leg and spine exams with a single-shot. Compared to stitched images using a multi-shot method, single-shot imaging prevents retakes, thus reducing time and patient dose to increase both patient and radiologist safety.

Selective Body Part Image Acquisition with World 1st Auto ROI

Auto ROI designed by DRTECH can acquire various imaging modes such as the chest, whole spine, long leg, and both shoulders by automatically recognizing exposed areas in real time.

This advanced technology ‘Auto ROI’ embedded in the LLD series acquires images of any part of the body without size or area limitations, making the LLD the only panel necessary for all of your imaging needs.

Achieve Better Patient Satisfaction and Reduce Patient Dose

As EXPEED LLD captures an entire long-length image in a single exposure in just a few seconds, it prevents the need for retakes, minimizes exam discomfort for a better patient experience, and reduces the patient dose to increase patient safety.