Control-X Stylix Table

Control-X – Stylix – 4-Way Float Top Fixed Height Radiographic Table

While the four-way float top glides effortlessly on it’s precision bearing system and the convenient location of the two-step foot pedals, which control all tabletop movements, the Stylix 2 four-way float top radiographic table is the excellent choice when searching for a Hospital Grade Quality radiographic table.



Tabletop Movement

The large, easy-to-clean tabletop supports up to 500 lbs (230 kg) while it’s precision bearing system ensures effortless patient positioning. Combined with the extended Bucky travel, the Stylix 2 enables full coverage the entire length of the table. Stylix 2 table

Motion ControlsStylix 2 table dimensions

The electromagnetic locking system and elevating feature, controlled by the conveniently located foot pedals, initiate all table movements for accurate exposure positioning.

High-Quality Materials

The low absorption tabletop material reduces exposure dose rate while the small skin-film distance permits precise low magnification film studies. Standard side rails support a wide variety of accessories.

Model Diversity

Accepts standard non size-sensing and size-sensing grid cabinets or reciprocating buckys, matching trays and grids while still leaving enough room for AEC chambers.

Digital Compatibility

Adding CR or DR is now easier than ever due to the new Bucky carriage design. As always, specialized mounting hardware or different digital panels is available upon request.

Optional Accessories

Head clamp
Hip clamp
Compression belt
Lateral cassette holder

Control-X Stylix 2 Brochure