Fuji FCR 1 Shot Phantom


FCR 1 Shot Phantom The Fuji FCR 1 Shot Phantom provides a system wide quality analysis by incorporating eight performance tests in a single exposure. In addition to a practical analysis of the FCR Reader, the test tool provides an image that can be used system wide to evaluate monitor workstation and laser printer performance. Only

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Fuji Long View Cassettes

Fuji 14x50 Cassette

Image taking of a wide area can be done with ease Fujifilm’s 10″ x 24″, 14″ x 34″, and 14″ x 50″ long view cassettes allow the Imaging Plates (IP) to be loaded and processed on the FCR reader, without manually removing them from the cassette. The lightweight and simplified design makes it easy for radiologists

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Konica CS7

Konica CS7 Workstation

CS-7 Its sophisticated function will enrich your daily workflow of examination. CS-7 can control AeroDR detectors and connect to Regius CR readers. CS-7 supports Windows 10 and is a great upgrade to get to maintain HIPAA compliance. The upgrade includes a workstation, touchscreen monitor, mouse and keyboard. Integrated Control Station CS-7 CS-7 has multiple functions

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Fuji FDX Console

FDX Console Workstation

New features include: Dynamic Visualization™ is Fujifilm’s latest image processing technology, providing outstanding first-up detail and virtually eliminating the need for post-processing. Complete common workflow steps in as few as 2-3 mouse clicks Worklist views with status icons and thumbnail images Double click full-screen zoom PICC line/edge enhancement toggle Dose tracking and management tools Supports

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Fuji Aspire CRm

Fuji Aspire CR reader

The Aspire CRm makes the transition to digital imaging far easier than you thought possible, allowing you to convert your existing gantry to digital fast and efficiently. The Aspire CRm eliminates the use of film to improve your departments’ workflow while increasing daily productivity. The Aspire CRm offers superior image quality and improved dose efficiencies

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Fuji FCR XL-2

Fuji XL2 CR reader

Perfect for high-volume environments. The FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour, yet it’s small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or busy offices where space is limited. With this kind of speed, the FCR XL-2 can handle even the busiest periods in your office. This reader is also capable

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Konica Regius Nano CR

Konica 110 CR reader

The REGIUS Nano CR is a high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76 plates an hour (14” x 17”) for fast patient turnaround time and improved workflow. Its touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for generating superior image quality with a few easy steps. This compact, single bay

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Medlink CR


A 60 or 35 Plates per Hour high-end versatile reader with acquisition software includes DICOM viewer. The CR offers an ideal solution for any private or decentralized CR environment. This new configuration is easy to install, use and maintain. It provides seamless integration, from X-Ray capture to PACS. MedlinkCR uses proven technologies to ensure uncompromising

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Fuji FCR Prima T2

Fuji Prima T CR reader

We are excited to announce Fuji’s newest CR Reader the FCR Prima T2. It is desinged for low volume practices with limted space. It’s small size (22” x 21” x 15”) enables it to fit where an existing film processor is located. Also it weighs just 86 lbs, this allows it to placed on almost

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