Fuji Aspire CRm

Fuji Aspire CR reader
The Aspire CRm makes the transition to digital imaging far easier than you thought possible, allowing you to convert your existing gantry to digital fast and efficiently. The Aspire CRm eliminates the use of film to improve your departments’ workflow while increasing daily productivity. The Aspire CRm offers superior image quality and improved dose efficiencies over analog systems. Everyone from the technologist to the radiologist and most importantly the patients will receive the benefits of digital mammography from Fujifilm.
In-room Capability
The Aspire CRm system has a footprint small enough to fit inside of most mammography rooms, so the technologist can now stay with the patient through the duration of the exam while reviewing their images.50 Micron Sampling
The Aspire CRm takes advantage of some of Fujifilm’s most impressive imaging technologies.

Image Intelligence™ – Advanced Image Processing
Aspire CRm takes full advantage of Fujifilm’s Image Intelligence processing: a renowned collection of sophisticated algorithms and proven results. Dynamic Range Control (DRC) improves the visibility of dense and soft tissue by intelligently adjusting both image density and contrast. Multi-objective Frequency Processing (MFP) selectively applies varying degrees of gray scale and edge enhancement to each structure, depending on size, density and type, for an optimized view with enhanced detail.

Flash Plus IIPm Technologist Console
With the IIPm, technologists can process a digital mammogram in as few as three mouse clicks! Fujifilm’s innovative console offers rapid image preview and advanced reprocessing functionality, displayed on a high resolution 2 MP gray scale LCD. With versatility and multi-modality capability, the Aspire CRm can be used for general radiographic procedures when used with ST-VI IP and CC and LC cassettes.