Visaris Vision X

Vision X is a high-throughput, manually positioned entry level DR system for general radiography and all types of walking or hospitalized patient examinations. The robust, yet simple construction of the stand with a mobile patient table, provides easy access to operator and patient alike. Vision X is intended for the use in general diagnostic radiography

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Visaris Vision V

Vision V is a modular x-ray system with a standard configuration of floor mounted tube stand, vertical bucky stand and bucky table . With a range of advanced workflow and positioning features, Vision V is a high performance DR system offering unparalleled price-performance ratio. Modular stand design with optional motorization can perform a wide range

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Visaris Vision U

Vision U is a latest generation, universal digital radiography (DR) system for a wide range of general and specialist diagnostic imaging applications. Programmable auto-positioning of the X-ray tube and large (43×43 cm) digital flat panel detector enables efficient and flexible imaging of all anatomies of both walking and immobile patients. Direct digital acquisition with optimally

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Visaris Vision C

Vision C is a universal digital radiography system with fully modular stand design configurable to all diagnostic radiography needs. Available in fully motorized auto-positioning configuration with manual override capable of practically all radiographic techniques or in more affordable manual configurations Vision C can be tailored to your specific needs. Automated system positioning, exam set-up, acquisition

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Visaris Vision Air

Vision Air is a state-of-the-art, universal, overhead digital radiography system capable of virtually all radiography examinations with a single, high quality, flat panel detector system. Based on a fully programmable, automated robotic system with intelligent positioning control the system will seamlessly transforms from the functionality of a vertical X-ray bucky stand to a table system.

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Collimare Collimators

Collimare CTL-150 Collimator

For more than 30 years the founders of Collimare® have been designing state of the art, yet “simple” collimator designs used throughout the world by leading diagnostic imaging manufacturers. Collimare® has spent the last 8 years applying over 30 years of design experience and innovation to create a new low cost, light weight, high performance

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Vidar Film Digitizer Sales and Rentals

Vidar Diagnostic Pro Plus Film Digitizer

We offer film digitizers for rental or purchase. Renting is a great option if you wish to digitize your existing film library. By converting your film images to digital you can clear out your library to make additional room in your office. It greatly aids in completing comparisons of current digital images to older film images. Films

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CoRE LABS- Halo – Overhead Tube Support

CoRE labs haloRAD front

The halo tube support provides fexibility to facilitate a wide range of x-ray procedures. Fully counterbalanced’ this heavy-duty system can be easily positioned at any selected point within its total range of travel. The x-ray tube rotates a full 360-degrees about its vertical and horizontal axis with mechanical indexing at each 90 degree position. The ergonomic

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Control-X – ZooMax

Control-X Zoomax table

Variable SID Integrated Vet System The hospital grade quality of the ZooMax White Veterinary X-ray system features a four-way floating tabletop and an integrated tubestand. An automatic coupling device ensures centralized and synchronized movement between the X-ray tube and film cassette. This automatic coupling device can be released by moving the tubestand all the way

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CPI – CMP 200 DR

CMP 200 DR Console

CPI’s CMP200™DR is a 100 kHz high frequency X-ray generator. The CMP200™DR is a low cost solution for integrating with your film-based systems or with DR flat panel detectors along with an imaging system for diagnostic radiographic imaging. It is a non-invasive device, and is designed to image the major systems of the body: skull,

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