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Whether you are looking to convert to digital or stay with film we can assist you. Advanced Medical X-Ray provides complete solutions and stay by you every step of the way at an affordable price. We provide sales, service, and training on any new system we install. We can convert your existing X-ray machine to digital or install a complete system entirely. We offer software customized specifically for you.

We strive to make our customers happy and provide them with the best service possible. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are here to work with you to provide the best solutions for your X-ray needs.

We offer a large range of equipment and options. Below is an example X-ray room we offer based on Control-X and Fuji FCR:

Fuji FCR XL-2 CR Reader

aspirePerfect for high-volume environments. The FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour, yet it’s small size makes it ideal for small exam rooms or busy offices where space is limited. With this kind of speed, the FCR XL-2 can handle even the busiest periods in your office. This reader is also capable of producing high resolution (50 micron) scans for 18x24cm and 24x30cm sizes, making it ideal for Orthopedic and extremity applications where seeing fine detail is critical.




Control-X Stylix Table



The Stylix radiographic table enhances the versatility of any x-ray department with its compact space saving design. Combining a large table top with extended travel enables full radiographic coverage with minimal patient movement. The four way floating tabletop glides on a precision bearing system while electromagnetic locks secure the patient for quick and accurate positioning. Durable and easy to use this table is suited for all environments from the hospital to the private practice.

TS 99 Tube Stand

ts992Available in freestanding, floor to ceiling or to wall mounted versions with stationary or rotational column and/or transverse arm movement. TS 99 glides effortlessly along the length of the table. The counter-balanced tube arm support system provides for smooth and easy vertical positioning. The extended vertical travel track allows for skull examinations of tall patients as well as the lower-extremity areas.

Accessible fingertip controls of all movements allows for trouble-free use by the operator. All movements positively secured for exposure. The TS 99 series is compatible with most radiographic examination tables and is designed to withstand the rigors of the heaviest caseloads.


WS 99 Wall standws992

The WS 99 vertical travel is effortless and is suited for thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvic exposures. In addition, the extended vertical travel track allows for skull exposures of tall patients as well as lower-extremity exposures. Right or left hand loaded Bucky or grid cabinet design offers complete versatility in operator preference. Accepts a variety of cassettes, grids and optional AEC detectors.

The WS 99 is compatible with most radiographic examination settings. It is designed to handle the rigors of the heaviest caseloads.


Control-X ConRad APR


The ConRad HF X-ray generators are available with APR or the basic non-APR consoles. All of these generators offer single-tube Rad-only operation up to 125 or 150 kV and 30 to 50kW (depending on model). Options include AEC (max. 3 channels), Bucky interface (max. 2 Buckys) and High-Speed Starter.

For sites with less-than-perfect power, the ConRad Stored Energy models are recommended. Drawing 16A or less, these generators can be connected to any residential single-phase outlets.

Contact us today and let us design the perfect system for your needs.