Rayence 1210SGA

Rayence 1210SGA DR panel
Rayence’s state-of-the-art Xmaru 1210SGA provides high resolution images at an attractive price point. The Xmaru 1210SGA possesses a wide active image area to accommodate a versatile range of clinical applications found in podiatry, veterinary, chiropractic and extremity imaging.

The compact and lightweight Xmaru 1210SGA Digital Flat Panel Detector is well designed to satisfy the daily diagnostic needs of the most demanding user.

Xmaru 1210SGA

  • Active Area 10″ x 12″
  • 2080×2560 Pixel Matrix
  • 127μm Pixel Size
  • 3s Data Aquisition Time
  • Automatic Exposure Detection
  • 14 bit ADC
  • Carbon Fiber X-ray Window

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